I passed, I passed

It has been a long time since I have taken the time to sit down and write something, it seems as though time is flying by and I almost cannot catch my breath. Many of you know that I have been studying for the LEED exam. The exam is really intense and the average pass/fail rate is at about 50% last I heard. I was studying with a group of girls in my class to take it over Christmas break but I ended up having to go in for surgery. When I called the USGBC to get some stuff cleared up that I saw on their website I found out that I had until the end of March to register for the exam. That was such great news. I shared that with some of my professors and now all of them are planning on taking it and one of the girls that was in our study group last semester decided to give it another try. As it turns out if you register before the end of March you can have all the way until the end of June to take it. Well I was so sick of studying and ready to have it over with so I decided I would still like to take if over Spring Break. The other girl that was also going to take it signed up for the weekend of Spring Break as well. So we spent the week in the Library studying and quizzing each other - what a wonderful Spring BREAK. and BIRTHDAY. But it was all worth it. Jesi took it on Friday and I took it Saturday morning - we both passed with great scores. Look, they even put my name on the website, just type in Logan, Utah. As a matter of fact, every one listed here under Interior Design is in school with me. In total there are six of us who have taken the exam and passed. It is such a great feeling to be done with it even though I now have to put my nose to the grind stone and get working on my final project.

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