Three Months Later

On Halloween night I ended up in the hospital instead of at the ward trunk-or-treat. I thought my cramps were just a bit more intense than usual and I wanted to sleep off the pain. Paul, however, took one look at me and told me he was going to take me to the hospital. Apparently the walls and I had the same white complexion. It didn't register with me just how much pain I was in until I was in the ER and my arms had been perforated so the nurses could find a good vein to get blood and run some tests.

Turns out I was having cramps, but of a different sort than I thought. I had been bleeding internally for a few days and lost so much blood that I was right on the fence as to whether or not they were going to have to give me a transfusion. A couple of days later when I went in for a check up the Dr. told me that I must have an amazing tolerance for pain and if Paul had let me have my way, he would not have been able to wake me up on Sunday morning. For the following week I sat at home watching movies (love the 5 Disc DVD changer) and having neighbors help me out when Paul had a class that he couldn't miss.

We decided to take some time for ourselves before we shared with others. We needed time to wrap our heads around what just happened and things of a personal nature like that, well I got teary eyed every time I thought about it let alone talking about it. It's crazy to think that it has been 3 months, even when I have talked to some of my family they can't believe how much time has past.

Over Christmas when we went to all the family dinners we had so many ask us how we were and what they could do to help. I want to say thanks to everyone.

I love all of you!! Thank you so much. And a special shot out to my friend in OK. I hate to know that she went through the same thing but it has been great to have someone to talk with who knows exactly what the last three months have been like.


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