Finding the right sippy cup for the long trip!

As our next road trip steadily approaches I have been trying to find a sippy cup that will work for Lady A. It would be really nice to be able to give her a bottle & have her feed herself, even just once or twice a day would help cut down on the number of stops we have to make. Over the past week or so we have been trying out different sippy cups. Abigail will usually put her mouth on the bottle but no more.
She also doesn't like the ones that she'll have to tip her head back. Next we tried one from her cousin that had a straw. She sucked on that a couple of times but with the open straw too much came out at once.

Finding the right sippy cup is really proving to be a challenge. I was telling my sister-in-law that I needed to find a soft straw that worked more like the nipple of a bottle, where the end would be closed off but open as pushed on it & was sucking on it. She said there are ones like that so now I just need to go find one. Yesterday at the store I find some but when I switched them out to get the colors I wanted & got them home, turns out that I picked up the wrong ones.

Since we couldn't test out the new cups, because I got the wrong ones we were back to the bottle today. This time I gave it to her & finished cleaning. She was holding it up right & started trying to drink from it. Since we use the ones with the liners I pushed from the bottom to get the extra air out. Well, she went to town. She ate the whole bottle with no assistance from me. The drop in liner shriveled as she drank. Wonderful!!! So now, if we don't find a sippy cup that works in time, she can use the bottle to feed herself even if it will be a but more messy from leaks.

The picture shows her going at her bottle & feeding herself.

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