Family New Years Letter

Hello Family and Friends,

This year we have decided to take our last winter in the New England area and enjoy what the season has to offer, especially since the power hasn’t gone out. We are so excited to start our own family holiday traditions while we are also planning on expanding our family in April. A little fun fact for you, this will be our first Christmas in the seven years we have been married that we will be waking up in our own place. We have always taken the break between semesters to stay with family and see everyone.

During Spring Break we were able to head down to the Outer Banks area in NC. What a pretty area, we could have stayed there. There we visited the Wright Brothers Museum, Home of the First Flight. Abigail loved the beach and chasing the seagulls, but she got a bit weary when the tide came back in. She scurried as fast as her little feet would run to get back to dad.

This summer we spent some time seeing sites as a family. Our niece and nephew came out for a few weeks as well. Abigail LOVED having her cousins out here and having them to play with. We were able to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant and the Sacred Grove. It was a great experience to be able to see such a wonderful and Spiritual place with family. A day was spent at the beach and we all had a blast: Abigail playing in the sand and making friends, the cousins playing in sand and seeing the ocean for the first time, burying Paul and chasing crabs. At the Children’s Museum in Hartford we all got to learn a bit about electricity and play with different activities showing us how to make circuits. The Boston Children’s Museum had so many fun things for the kids to do: climbing, creating, coloring, we stayed super busy the whole time we were there.

For our 7th Anniversary we found out that we were expecting and the due date is going to be in April. Why not add something else to the list? That will be a very busy Spring for us {Baby, Thesis, Graduation, Moving} but this coming year is going to be busy and exciting as we start the next chapter in our lives and family. 

That's right, Paul will be graduating this year and we could not be more excited!!! He has had a number of opportunities to design shows and to assist on many as well, from Connecticut to Montana.

Mindy has loved being home with Abigail and watching her as she discovers new things and her own personality shines through. 

Abigail turned two this year. Every time a package or letter came in the mail she would get so excited, the whole day was spent carrying the cards or toting everything around in her little laundry basket. She is a Daddy’s girl for sure, Paul could be gone for 20 minutes or all day but as soon as he walks in the front door, Abigail will stop what she is doing and run to the door "HI!! HI!!" grab onto her dads leg and not leave his side until bedtime.

We are looking forward to the fun adventures of the coming year and hope that you will have a great year with family and friends as well.


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