Getting a hair cut

For those who know me, I love my long hair. I got it cut last year for school headshots in February and I almost had a heart attack. It still stayed pretty long but I cut six inches off and it was crazy how much faster I could wash it in the shower.

I had a bad experience once getting a short hair cut when I was a kid and because of my, we'll call them round, cheeks I looked like a cabbage patch doll. My hair is long enough that I've been cutting it myself for the last 10 years but know I've finally decided to go get some more style put into it. See I'm scared of the commitment that who ever cuts it is going to blow it then I'll be stuck with a horrible haircut until it grows out. This is so funny because I read so many places where moms take their kids in to get hair cuts and the kids freak out about it, I'm a grown women and I'm freaking out about getting my hair cut. This seems even crazier that I would be so hung-up on this since I have NO problem changing the color of my hair at the drop of a hat. Boom I'm blonde, boom I'm burnet. No matter the season or the reason, I love to color my hair. However the thought of getting it cut and having the "stylist" screw up the job terrifies me. I'll see if I can't find a before picture and get one after, that is if I don't chicken out and just end up getting it trimmed.

To be continued . . .



Last weekend I was in the Studio waiting for Paul to get done working and was watching the sunset. I just thought I would share some of the pictures I got. It looked like the sky was on fire.


Death of the Blue Chair

I came back up to Logan on the weekend of the 15th-17th because Paul was sick. I wanted to take care of him and get some cleaning done around the house, so he didn’t feel like he had to do it, before school started. On my way to Logan after work I heard that a home furnishings store was doing a drawing for a dish washer, recliner and king mattress and box spring.

A little background …… Anyone who has been to our place knows about the blue chair that we have in our living room that Paul just loves and I can’t stand. The reason he loves it so much is because I don’t care what he does to it; jumps on it, puts his feet up, whatever. Unlike our pink chairs that were given to us by his parents, while I’m not totally excited about having pink in my living room, the chairs are in great condition and I usually keep them covered with stuff so that people can’t sit in them. When we have guests over, family or friends they love to sit in them because they are so comfortable but then they put their feet on them or put a leg over the arm of the chair and I can’t stand that. They are our chairs and I want them to last.

So, even though Paul was ready for bed by the time I got to Logan I made him come with me to put his name in the drawing, I had a good feeling about this one like when we got the TV and surround system. Poor kid was so miserable and the worst part was you had to be present to win. We didn’t win the dishwasher, oh well. So we went and got dinner then came back for the next drawing. We were laying on the Tempur­-Pedic adjustable beds and Paul said “if they call out my name you’ll have to yell for me.” Four minutes later they call out his name so I yell to let them know we’re there and not to move onto the next name. The next morning while Paul was sleeping a friend and I went to pick up the chair so Paul wouldn’t have to get out of bed. Later I got Paul up and told him to come down stairs and I would get him breakfast and surprise …. the chair was there. He sat in it for about 3 minutes, tossed out the old blue chair and went right back to bed. He said it was a good thing we won the chair or he would have been mad that I kept him up so late.

Happy Anniversary - Chuck & Kathy

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year. We tried to do something for their 25th but that was the same week I left for my mission so 30 was the next big number and decided to through them a surprise party. My sister-in-law, Katie, was the one who really pulled it off; I helped but was limited since Paul and I were in Yellowstone while it was being planned. We had Aunt Rita and Uncle Kel get them out of the house, the only thing that worked was taking my dad to Cabela's, so naturally they arrived an hour later then planned. One thing that our family has really enjoyed is having a yard big enough to have everyone over and play outdoor games, like the human rubber band, bocce ball and frisbee. For another great outdoor sport all of us kids went in together and got a volleyball net for them, one that can go up and down really easy. My dad didn't want a sand volleyball court cause it would end up being the neighborhood litter box. I don't blame him. There was just family and a couple of close friends that we were able to invite; we did this all in a week so it was short notice. To get pictures of the volleyball game that was going on I had to use the night shot on the camera but because everyone is moving around it's really blurry, but you get the idea. It was a lot of fun and a complete surprise to my parents and they loved it. Thanks to all the family that came and helped make the night great.

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