A Reason To Celebrate

Paul ~ Thank you so much for taking me out for my birthday.

I haven't had to worry about what day my birthday has fallen on because ever since I was in College it has always fallen on Spring Break. This year it was the week before and on a Wednesday so Paul had classes and I ended up being sick. But for my Birthday we were able to get tickets for Fiddler on the Roof that was playing at the Hale Center Theatre. This is one of my Dads favorites and I remember listening to the soundtrack on so many times on family vacations. So not only did Paul get us tickets to go he was able to get enough to take my parents as well.

I absolutely loved it!!!

Anytime the cast started singing I wanted to start singing at the top of my lungs, it put a huge smile on my face. It was a great production of the musical. The opening scene "Tradition" and the dream sequence were the best of the whole show. It is amazing what they are able to do on such a small stage and a theatre in the round {that means there are seats 360 degrees around the stage}. The dead wife of the butcher was flying in the air, the bed was spinning and there were huge puppets. I had heard about he puppets from Paul. He knew what the set was looking like since he helps in the change overs but he had also told me about the puppets because one of his professors was the puppet master and in charge of designing them and getting them built.

If you have a chance to go and see the show before it ends ~ I would recommend it!
Very well worth it.


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