Talley's Folly ~ Set Design

Paul had the opportunity to design a set for the Covey Center for the Arts down in Provo. The show is Talley's Folly and was being put on in the Brinton Black Box Theatre.The weekend we went down to dress the set everyone said they really enjoyed it and were so impressed that he was able to get such a 'full' set in the black box. The show was Talley's Folly written by Langford Wilson. It is a show about two older, single people living in the 1940's and the unlikely romance between them.

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to go and see the show and took Paul's parents and his sister, who just got home from her mission last Thursday. It's always nice to hear that people like your designs. Check out what the Covey center wrote about Paul's set here.

Katie Roundy from the Deseret News came and saw the show and had wrote this up..

......The Brinton Black Box Theater provides an environment conducive to the intimate setting, as the audience is privy to a lovers' spat.

The set itself is quite impressive. The weathered boathouse takes up most of the stage. In a creative fashion, the rest of the theater is painted to look like a river, leaving the audience in the water......



Our Balcony Garden

In Personal Progress one of the activities we can do is plant a garden. Paul and I had so much fun doing this last year and watching everything grow we wanted to do it again.

On Tuesday the Relief Society had a class on pot and planter box gardening. The couple that instructed the class are in our ward and have their own garden shop here in town. It was so interesting and informative, now I just hope I can implement all this new information.

We went to the store and got a starter kit to start growing our seeds inside. Then we had to get seeds. There was this huge wall of seed packages. Paul loves tomato's so he got 4 or 5 different types to plant, same with peppers, I got one jalapeno pepper to spice up all those tomato's and for homemade salsa, YUM. This year I want to try strawberry's and peas. I remember growing up our neighbors did peas and they were so tasty to eat right out of the garden.

We could have done better last year but really, we didn't do too bad either. I'm excited to see what we can grow this year and knowing a little bit more about how to take care of my plants.



St. Patrick's Day

This is the green Paul was wearing on St. Patrick's day because I kept on pinching him. It is such a ridiculous hat. I couldn't stand it any more and told him I would stop pinching him if he would just take it off.




I have completely slacked off during the month of march. There seems to be so much to do that I have not really had a chance to sit and share, so I'll try to take it one step at a time. On March 14th I reached my year mark since I took the LEED AP exam. That was the longest Spring Break ~ and not in a good way ~ of my life. It was spent studying every day in the Library with a friend from 10-5 ~ it was nice to have someone there to go through all the material with. Then I decided to drag it out even longer and sign up for my test on Saturday. Paul always laughs at me because I can work myself up over things and this was no exception. I didn't eat anything all morning cause I did not want to let me tummy get in knots. By the time I finally sat down to take the exam I had calmed myself down. Once I got into the exam ~ I whipped right through it. They give you two hours to take the exam and if I remember right I was able to do it in an hour. Once I realized I had so much time left, I went back through it and took my time looking over all the answers I had marked. 'Click' I hit the finish button and the screen came up with a congratulations!!! I actually ended up with a terrific score ~ I believe one of the highest. Paul was a really good sport by coming with me. He knew I would need someone to cry to if I didn't pass and I would be too excited to drive if I did pass and he wanted to make sure I got home safe.

Now I just wish that since graduation I could have found a job that would allow me to use that knowledge. I'll just keep searching!!!

After the exam we went to the Draper Temple Open house, it was the last day of the open house so we really wanted to make it. Having worked on a temple for my internship it was fun to know some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on to design a temple.

I can't believe that was all a year ago!!! Time flies.


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