Chicken Salad and Dressing....yummy

We love Cafe Rio, but can not afford it as often as we would like. The part I love the most is the dressing...uuummmm. My mom mentioned that she had received a Chicken Salad and dressing recipe from a neighbor that is like the Cafe Rio salads. There is a bit of prep time needed and we weren't sure if the payoff was going to be worth it. Well it was, it makes a lot but is so good. The dressing alone is worth the time. We usually make the full amount of dressing so we can have some left over for later. The chicken and rice are really good as well.

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Christmas Music

Lately I have heard a lot of people who have mentioned and do not really like it when people play Christmas music "too early." Now I am not one who can listen to it before Halloween - mixing the two seems a bit odd to me but I will start listening to it in November.

Christmas is not about making a list to make sure you get exactly what you want or even about the presents. To me it is a feeling - I am happier and seem to have a smile on my face for two months straight, no matter what. People are better to each other and more forgiving. Except on those few day right before Christmas when all the last minute shopping is being done.

Listening to Christmas music is a way for me to make that feeling and cheer stretch. Ask my mission companions, since we don't get involved in Halloween it was all they could do to keep me from listening to Christmas carols in October. So to those who say it is too early, I do not think so.

I have changed my player on the blog to Christmas. Normally I don't have the player start automatically either. Having the music play while trying to read someones blog can be kind of hard. But in honor of the season and reason, the player will start automatically if you scroll down to it - just pause it yourself.



I Love......My Husband!!!!

With everything that has gone on this past week, Paul has been absolutely wonderful. Taking care of me, Bentley, school, dinners and the house he has truly been great. Today was a great day - I was able to get up and move around and no pain pills were needed. Since I am feeling better today and felt like I could handle more then just a bowl of Raisin Bran or Cream of Wheat, Paul decided to make me one of my favorite dishes. Growing up my mom would always make us our favorite meal on our birthday and I always wanted Apricot Chicken. Tonight it turned out just as good as my moms. There are two different recipes but they only very slightly. Just fix up the chicken and serve over rice.

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