25 Weeks . . .

This past Sunday I hit 25 weeks and think I am finally looking more pregnant than just like I am putting on some weight. While I still have not gained back all the weight I lost at first, my tummy is sure growing. I have been pretty pleased that I have been able to wear my normal pants for so long. Just two weeks ago, however, I finally had to resort to the hair elastic trick for the top buttons of my pants.

On June 4th I had my first bowl of cold cereal with real milk since the morning sickness started. Oh how wonderful a day that was. I have missed milk so much. Since then I can't seem to get enough, whenever it is snack time, I head for the cold cereal. The past couple of days I have even had a glass of milk to go with lunch. OH happy day!!! If there is one thing my little girl will get from me it will be my love of milk.

I have been saving up and this is about half of what I have left.
Coincidentally, since I have been drinking milk my tummy has really started to show as well!!

We were actually talking about this the other day. I don't like veggies ~ blah. Paul doesn't like milk, he'll only drink chocolate milk. How in the world are we going to raise a healthy child when we are so picky? I told him that I would start eating more veggies if he would drink milk with out the chocolate syrup in it so that we can be better examples. We'll see how far/long we can go.



Too Much Time vs. Not Enough Time

I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by!!! It seems like there is so much to get done and yet I still have so much time on my hands. The problem with having too much time is that I really have no rush or urgency to get stuff done. Why? you may ask ... Because I always have tomorrow to finish what I don't get done today. There are a number of projects I want to get done for baby Yeates coming in October but that seems like such a long time away.

On the other side of the coin: there is not enough time to get done everything we want/need to before we leave. Last semester I was on top of packing and getting ready for the move but as our deadline approaches to head out to Connecticut {if we forget something there's no turning around to get it} I'm not feeling the same pressure to get everything packed. Granted, most of the 'household' stuff is still packed and in storage, but we moved down here during the winter and have slowly gotten out one box after another as we have needed things. But I still have the whole month of July to get all this stuff packed again.

My family has been trying to plan a couple of activities together because Paul and I really don't know when we will be back. Will it be all three of us or just me and the baby during finals week? Who knows!!! The weekends are filling up quickly with parties and camping and all sorts of other stuff. I have some projects that I want to get done so I don't have to take out a bunch of half finished things for baby but I seem to be so busy with this or that, I don't have time to start working on blankets and stuff for her room.

Where to start? But why? I can always do it tomorrow......

The good news is, I think we have finally found a place to move into. A lady in the ward we want to move into was great enough to go check it out for us and send pictures. We won't know for a bit if we get it or not, the gentleman renting it out is going to be out of town until after the 4th of July, and doing some renovating on the place as well that he doesn't think will be done until the middle of July. We were told, and we could see from the pictures as well, there is a lot of work going into it and it's looking really nice.

The house....

The backyard....



Sharing the Good News!!!

I have the hardest time when it comes to things like Christmas and Birthdays. To see a box there all wrapped up and have no idea what is in it just kills me. I am really good at keeping things confidential too. But as it turns out if it is my own secret, and especially if it's a good one, I can't seem to keep things to myself.

Well the day after Paul and I found out, I came home from church with a huge headache. I had heard that there were certain pills not to take while pregnant but had no idea which ones to stay away from. So I walked up to my mom and asked, when she told me to just take an Excedrin I told her I couldn't because there was a situation. She looked at me funny and I couldn't hold it in, I blurted it out that we were having a baby. Aaahhhhh!!!! Firm Embrace!! She was so excited for us. The family came over for dinner that night so the three of us were very hush hush. Well I couldn't tell my mom without telling my dad so we were going to tell him on Monday when Paul got home from work. Turns out my mom couldn't keep the secret either. He was acting a little funny and hanging around like he knew something was coming. I asked him if he knew something and sure enough, He did!!

We had decided that because of last time we were going to wait to share with others, or at least too many others, because we wanted to make sure everything was ok. I went in at 6 weeks, so only after knowing for 2 weeks, and had an ultra sound. The Dr. said everything was great so far. YES!!!

We do monthly birthday dinners at my grandparents and I wasn't sure at the end of January so I was talking to my sister and cousin what signs they had. Sure enough, two weeks later they both asked. My poor brothers who still live at home had to deal with me not feeling well so I told them what was going on too. Chad + Heather came over one Sunday and Ryan + Katie came the next so we told them too. How could I tell most of my family but leave some of them out? It just wasn't going to happen.

Paul was working down at the Hale Center Theatre at this time so we had decided to see if his parents wanted to go out to dinner with us. I had seen a commercial for Wingers the night before, and because the power of suggestion seems to be working great on me, that's where we went to dinner. After work I picked him up and we hurried over to the restaurant. We asked the waitress if she could play something off for us and tell the other couple joining us some story about being needing to take a survey and give them this 'order summary.' The waitress did great, the thing we didn't plan on was how low the lighting would be. Paul and I were bursting at the seems. He had to look away so he didn't start laughing while he watched the confused look on his mom face. Then we both just stared at them waiting for the moment that it clicked. She looked up at our grinning faces and asked if we were expecting...there it is!!

A bit later, after the zofran had started to kick in and the morning sickness calmed a bit. We went to his parents house and told Jake + Brandy and Analey. Then I had to go home and get right to bed.

For the rest of the family we decided to share the good news at Paul's graduation party. We would be past the first trimester and be able to do it all at once. On the dessert table we had suspicious looking blue and pink chocolates. Yes, those bottles were full of sixlets!! When most everyone had arrived Paul thanked them for coming out and their support while he had been in school, and for those who hadn't heard he told them about going off to Grad school at UConn. Then he said because things are better in 3's, we found out in February that we would be having a baby this October. YEA!! What a crowd shocker. We let them know that we had found out just the day before what we were having so everyone had to take a piece of chocolate to make their guess about what we were having. When everyone had gotten a chance to eat and after a freak five minute down poor of rain had forced us all inside, it was time for Paul to share.

Every one's reactions were great!! It was a girl!! I had asked around in my family about about a week before and most of them said girl, they were right. Those who had a pink wrapper waved it in the air, they 'knew it.' Some didn't believe it. But I guess if the ultrasound tech was wrong we'll know soon enough. Our nephews reaction was the best. 'Oh man, another one!!' He's four and has a sister and another girl cousin, he was kind of hoping for a boy cousin.

Pauls Dad, Mom, brother, sister-in-law and our niece.

Doing what he loves!!! He couldn't feel more at home.

The Party moved inside!!!

Paul's grandparents weren't able to make it so we decided to go and share with them the following Monday. We were exhausted on Sunday and it was my mom's birthday, so we slept until church then visited with family in the evening. We were both so excited to go and tell his grandparents. Paul was bummed to find out, when he told them, they already knew. He didn't get to share his good news, others beat him to the punch. At least it was good to be able to visit with them and not worry too much about if I was going to make it without having to run for the bathroom. Next time we'll tell the Great Grandparents first!


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