For all of you digital scrapbookers

I was just playing around the other day and happened across a website that has digital scrapbooking images for $1. I'm always on my computer and tried out my first digital scrapbook for Pauls' sister, Analey, it was a book of quotes, pictures and other things from her family in a small little travel size book. Well I loved doing it but it was a bit spendy to print it all myself so now I have found a great digital scrapbooking site on-line where I can put my next book all together and then have them print it and bind it. Yea. It is even with a hardcover. The scrapbooking supplies for $1 are at www.bwscrapbooking.com and the sale ends on the 31st of October. If anyone wants to get some supplies then I can come help you put together your own blog backgrounds or share this fun website to make and print your books. Just let me know.


I've been tagged

Ok so here are the Rules

one. Link the person who tagged you
two. Post these rules
three. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
four. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.

I was tagged by 2 people. Shelly tagged me back when I first started the blog... opps. Sorry. I was also tagged by Kimbie, SO I'm going to combine them.

one. Hhmmm....I love to color my hair, Paul says I'm addicted. Every time I color it someone will always ask "so what is your normal hair color" to which I respond "don't know, I haven't seen it in some time. ;)" I will usually go dark for the winter and this time a thought maybe even a little darker, while I was putting it in my hair I noticed on the box that it said 'Natural Black.' Ya it's pretty dark, even for me. But it does match my eyebrows now.
two. Life with a DVR is great. We are both so busy we just set it to record then can watch our shows whenever we want and fast forward through the commercials. The show I will always make time for is Dancing with the Stars. I used to go dancing with my cousin every week before my mission. I miss it so much but Paul says he has two left feet so we don't try that swing stuff, I don't want my neck broken. I also like cop shows, which is why I don't like to go out in the dark by myself. Now that Football is in full swing I enjoy that too, it's good family time.
three. I've been recently introduced to creating my own blog backgrounds. That has been a lot of fun to figure out, I was even able to make my columns wider so that the pictures would fit with text next to them.
four. I could eat cold cereal for every meal. (I'm not copying you Kimbie, I really could)
five. Things I love about Fall. The colors out here in Logan have been so great, I have loved watching them change. The weather has been so great out here as well, a little chilly in the morning but the afternoon and evenings have been wonderful.
six. Great the last one and I don't know what to put. Ok. So I asked Paul what to put here and he said that I have an addiction to scrapbooking stuff but I don't ever seem to use it. That's true...since I've been back in school I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to use it much so we are just storing it right now.

the six lucky people are....

Krista, Laura, Aubry, Polly, Jenny, Kim,


Visiting Designer: Vicente Wolf

Every semester our program brings in Visiting Designers and we work on a project that they give us. When they get here we hold a critique of the projects. This one was an ADA lever meaning it has to be operable with one hand; no tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. I felt pretty good about my presentation and design. I'll quickly explain my design process so you know how I got to my final. The place that the lever is supposed to be used is in an NYC condominium. Well I love being up in Logan and I wanted to bring nature in decided on the texture of a tree trunk. The easiest way to go about this was to find a branch that would work since modeling it in CAD was out of the question and using clay would just take too long. So here it is. After a couple of days of hiking a found a branch that worked out pretty well.


The New Hair Color

So here it is, finally a picture of my new hair color. I don't usually go this dark so it's taken some getting use to but I really like it.


Make A Joyful Noise

Joyful: : experiencing, causing, or showing joy
1: loud, confused, or senseless shouting or outcry

When I was in Jr. High I had my music teacher tell me that I could not hold a note, then on my mission I had a companion tell me that she thought that everyone could sing until she met me. What a wonderful compliment. Do not worry, I'm not bitter, I'm just giving a little background as to why I've always been shy to really sing out loud and really get into the songs at church. Until I met the ward chore director in a singles ward I served in. She was willing to take the time to explain how to have a more powerful voice and her love for singing songs was contagious. I can honestly say she has changed my outlook on why we sing and my confidence in making a joyful noise to the Lord. Thanks Laura. Since then I haven't cared who I've been sitting next to, I just let it all out, and I try to go to the ward choirs where I live so I can learn pitches from others who do have wonderful singing voices and are willing to share.

Since August 24th, when I got sick, my voice was gone for most of that time and even when I got it back I would start coughing if I didn't keep my water with me at all times and keep the conversations to as short as possible. These last eight weeks I have just listened to the radio wishing I could belt it out in the car, where no one could hear, and I could sing as loud and off tune as I wanted to. Church has been the worst because I LOVE the church hymns and not being able to sing along has been killing me. Even when I would try to get two or three words out I would start coughing and have to excuse myself to get a drink. Well, Today I finally sang. The wonderful lady that saves us a seat every Sunday, Thanks Jenny, handed me a hymn book so I handed it to Paul. He opened it for us and before I knew it was singing along with everyone else. It was so wonderful.

My deep love of the church hymns comes from my mission; we had ones that we needed to memorize. It was great to always have a hymn and a scripture in mind to get through the day. Listening to nothing but hymns for 19 months will bring about a great appreciation to anyone, and being able to sing them and let that emotion go is a great way to show our love for our Savior.


A Mission Thought

My sister-in-law is on her mission and it is getting me to think a lot about mine, the lessons, the hard times, the times I would not trade for anything.. There is no greater joy... My mission President and his wife printed of 100 scriptures from the lessons in Preach My Gospel for a Christmas present so that we could memorize them. I've pulled them out and started to re-memorize them as I go to the gym. It's crazy how easy it is coming back to me but the part I'm having a hard time with is keeping the scripture reference straight cause there are so many floating around in my head.

My hair color

Well via the poll that I put up it looks like I'm going dark. Which, I must say, I'm really excited about. Hopefully I'll be able to do it this weekend and post some pics. Thanks everyone who voted.


A drive in the canyon

Every time I step outside I get to look at the colors of the trees changing in the canyon but haven't been able to go take a really good look. We've had to drive through the canyon a number of times this last month but it has always been at night, after the sun has gone down and we can't see the colors in the canyon. On Tuesday we were able to drive through in the middle of the day and I loved looking at all the colors. Fall is so beautiful in Logan, if we ever get out of here, I'll miss this most of all.

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