A Busy Week on Vacation

This week has been another really fun one. Paul and I went to the Salt Lake Temple earlier this week and to the Draper Temple this morning. Wednesday we left Abigail with Grandma Yeates while we went to Salt Lake {our first time leaving her}. I'm sure she was so excited to have a lot of time with you. I have to admit I was nervous, she was doing so good on her schedule but would she do the same for someone else? I told Grandma what to expect from and was hoping Abigail would be good for her but she could have an off day and make a liar out of me. Well when we got back to pick her up, Grandma said that she did great. For today I was thinking she did so well for Grandma Yeates there was no way the same thing would happen twice in a row. Again, I told Grandma Nuesmeyer what to expect, the routine for going down for a nap and how long to expect for a nap. Sure enough when we got back my mom told me that I really knew my baby girl, she did everything I said she would. Grandma said she has the sweetest little disposition and personality. I would have to agree!! They also said her Great Grandpa Nuesmeyer asked if she had a good nap or was enjoying her bottle, Abigail looked right at him and shook her head 'yes'. They both laughed out load because it seemed like she knew exactly what he asked and had an answer for him.

Last night we went to Temple Square to look at the lights with one of me really good friends from High School. Katie thought Abigail was adorable and it was so great to see her, catch up with everything. When we were leaving to go Paul and I decided to take Abigail out of her coat and flannel pants so she didn't get too hot in the car and so that when she fell back asleep in the car we would not have to wake her up to take it all off at home. Well it kind of back fired. We drove around looking for a McDonald's to get a shake and fries and Abigail would not go back to sleep, instead she cried and cooed and fussed for a bit. Well that finally stopped and for a while I heard a slurping coming from the backseat, the same noise you made when Abigail is trying to suck on her fist. The noise was still going after about 10 minutes so I got in the back to her help her put her binkie in her mouth. When I opened up the flap to the car seat she had your left thumb in her mouth, her lips were open around her thumb and her tongue was doing all the work. It was the CUTEST THING EVER!!! We could say it was just a fluke thing but she did it again that night. I had to run into Wal-mart and when I came out she was crying again. I tried to give her the binkie but she spit it out and plugged her mouth with her thumb.

Bailly LOVES her new little cousin.

Your cousin Gabe loves holding you too.

Hogle Zoo Christmas Lights

Cool lighting shot for the lighting designer!!

More lights

 Us in an egg

 Temple Trip to Salt Lake
{our first time leaving Lady A with a sitter}
It was too windy and cold when we went to Draper so we didn't get a picture there.

Lady A, Me and Katie O
The Lights at Temple Square

So content!
 Kind of a dark shot but this is Lady A when she was sucking on her thumb.

To end the week we went to Paul's Grandmas house for her 85th birthday party. Abigail was a big hit. This is the three youngest Great Grand Kids and her cousin could not have been more excited to hold her. After the photo op, Lady A kept sticking her tongue out.


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