Good Things to Come

A couple of weeks ago I saw this on LDS.org and it really hit home. The following Sunday we were down visiting our families and I went to church in my parents ward. In Relief Society the teacher shared the same clip with us and I still love it.



Gummi Bears Episode1 - A New Beginning1

Paul started singing the theme song today and was so excited when we found this on YouTube.

Enjoy everyone!!!



24th of July Weekend

A couple of weekends ago our niece and nephew came up to go to the annual Stake Activity at the water park {this is the 3rd year Bay has come up for the Stake activity} it has turned into a tradition that all of us look forward to and really enjoy. They came up on Thursday night so that we would be sure to make it to the party on Friday.

It seemed like Friday was dragging on waiting for the swim party. Dinner was at the park just down the street then it was off to the swimming pool. We were all so excited to get into the water ~ because we were all in the water we didn't get any pictures. Gabe had Paul take him up to the twisty slide when we first got there. Bay however, isn't as adventurous in the water as her brother. She was content to hangout in the shallow pool. I think Gabe developed a little crush on Bay's friend, it was so cute. When it was just about time to go Bay finally said that she wanted to go down the twisty slide. She loved it but the line for the slide was closed so we couldn't go again.

On Saturday we had lunch up on the balcony. It was a great spot to see all the floats from the parade come by after it was over. There was also the Pioneer Celebration just down the street at the park. The kids had so much fun at the festival. They were able to play in the fun house, watch some dancing and we even got a cotton candy that was half the size of the kids.

Look at how big that is!!!

Gabe is demonstrating some of the many different ways to eat cotton candy.

When we got home we started on our crafts. Check them out here!!

Paul loves to get right in there with the kids.

We even at dinner outside on the lawn, it was such a nice day out. The city also does the fireworks right across the street from our place. So we took some lawn chairs out to the sidewalk to enjoy the show.

Since we had to wait to finish the block on Sunday {they had to dry} Paul told the kids that they had to go to both of their classes if they wanted to finish their blocks. Wouldn't ya know ~ it worked!!! I never would have expected that.

After we were done we the blocks we got everything cleaned up for the kids mother to come and get them. It took a lot longer for them to get here. While we waited we had some friends come over to play games. Bay was on my team while Gabe watched Ghost Busters. As always, I had a super great weekend with the two of them up visiting. I am really going to miss having them come stay with us when we move.

I sure hope they know how much we love them.


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