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The theatre department at Utah State puts on a play of one acts every year. This is so that those who want to participate without the stress of a main stage show can and also so that they can try doing something different then what they are used to. For instance, Paul is a Technical Theatre major so he gets to design sets but his favorite is lighting design, but in this show he could have the opportunity to act. In high school Paul found a one act that he really liked and this was the perfect opportunity for him to act perform it. I read the play and thought it was really cute but I am TOO shy to get up on the stage and perform in front of people so he needed to find a theatre girl. He asked a freshman, Gwendolyn. They told me that I could not come to any of the rehearsals because they wanted to keep it a surprise for me.

A friend of mine came up to visit on Saturday night. Paul's mom and sister-in-law came up to watch Paul and then my parents called in the afternoon and said that they wanted to come up and see Paul. Gwen was a little nervous about doing the scene with Paul and having me there so they asked us not to sit in the front row. When Katie, my parents and I got there Vonda and Brandy were already saving us seats on the second row. The first row was completely filled up except for the one seat in front of me, and Gwen spent a lot of the show at that corner of the stage. At one point we both looked at each other at the same time, I have to be honest, it was a little awkward and we both looked away. If she would of known who all the people were around me, I'm sure she would of been even more nervous.

I remembered to tell Katie and my Parents how the scene was going to end but I forgot to mention that at one point Paul takes his clothes off to try and make a rope out of them. Needless to say, they were all a little shocked. The play turned out really well. It was so much fun to watch Paul act. A number of the main stage actors came up to him afterwards and told him that he did really well, had a good stage presence and very clear stage voice. I thought that I would share some of the pictures with you. ENJOY.

I watched both showings and the first one was a little weird but they both did such a wonderful job.


I love spending time with Bailly

Bailly came up this last weekend to spend some time with us and so that she could play with her friends Andrea and Bizzy. She has grown up so much from when she used to first come and stay with us. We used to all sleep in the bed but since my foot is not 100% yet and Bailly moves around so much in her sleep, Paul slept downstairs and left us to the bed. It is so fun when she comes up. While we are in the car getting closer to our house she always askes if "we are in the mountains yet?" She loves the idea that we live in the mountains. Then we get to spend the whole weekend doing make-overs and watching movies and cuddling on the sofa. When she comes up we always try to make a craft with the girls, they love it and it gives them a chance to be creative. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the girls frames but here is what I did.


New Years Goals

With our new calling Paul and I have the opportunity to attend Ward Councils. We just met last weekend about our Ward Missionary Goals. Our Councilor that talked to us about goals said that as we share them with others and write them down then it will be easier to remember them and work on them.

So here they are:

Go to the Temple more often: We live blocks from the Temple but have been busy with school and work that we haven't made the time to go. This year we are going to do better at going.

We need to eat healthier: we both got sick a number of times last year and this year are wanting to do better at eating healthier and getting more exercise.

Get second wedding band: Paul has had plans to get me a second band for my wedding ring and this year we hope to get it.

And like everybody else, we need to save up more money: Luckily we have been able to stay away from debt but now it is time to save up and hopefully that will be easier to do when I graduate and start working full time.


I am ready to walk on my own

As many of you know I got my stitches out on Tuesday. It was a long drive down to Salt Lake Monday night but we made it safely. I've never had any kind of injury that required more than a band-aid and a kiss so to have to go in for surgery, get stitches, be stuck on crutches - well let's just say it was a bit much for me. I am also someone that doesn't mind watching weird things, like Dr.'s cleaning up a cut from a saw, unless it is on me.

Let me break for a minute. The week before I was supposed to get my stitches out the office called me and told me that they needed to change my appointment time because my Dr. broke her ankle and she had to go see her foot Dr. Apparently what happened was the day after my surgery Dr. Edwards broke her ankle and got her stitches out that day before I came into get my stitches out. I told them that I had never had anything like this done before so I asked them what it was going to be like to get the stitches out. I figured it would be like when you get a hair caught in your shirt and you pull it out, they said that was pretty similar.

When they finally got to it I had them lay the chair down so I could not watch what was going on. I kind of wish I didn't now but I thought it was going to hurt a lot more then it did. And really it only felt like little needle pricks as they were cut out. The arrow in marker on my foot is where she marked it so that they made sure to cut open the correct foot.

I was told that I could get my foot wet enough to rinse it off but not to soak it. They also told me that I needed to start walking on it and that by my next appointment next Thursday they wanted me to be walking on my own with no crutches. OH how wonderful. I can not wait to walk on my own two feet again.

Since Tuesday I have been trying to walk on my own and practice at night in our living room. It's carpeted and so I won't slip and fall. The last two days my ankle has been too sore to put any real pressure on it and my walking looked more like a hop. BUT today, I finally went out of the house without the crutches tonight. Granted it was only the 10' to the car but still that is something. I don't know if I'm daring enough to go out in public with just my own two feet but I figure I might try it on Sunday for Church. Now the only problem is the boot that I'm in is one sized too big for me. But with my foot still swollen I can't get it into my smaller boot which is a lot e
asier to walk in.


She's so Scandelous

To begin, let me just preface this by saying that I am not a fan of reality TV shows except Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Looser. Watching them dance just makes me happy, it is so much fun to see them float around the dance floor. For the Biggest Looser, I usually end up watching the final episode and am always so amazed at how much weight everyone has lost. What an incredible thing for all these people. As far as the rest of them go ..... BLA.

The ones that I hate the most are Bachelor and Bachelorette. I do not see how people think they can find true love on a TV show where no one works, everyone sits around in swim suits and no one seems to have to work. How do you really get to know the person, who they are, what they are like, when no one has to live in the real world? Like I said, I do not like these shows but from just watching commercials someone can stay pretty current on what is going on.

I have heard from a couple of people that DeAnna from last season was great. I however feel differently and here is why.

Last season it was DeAnna who was supposed to pick a guy that she wanted to marry. But let me back up even more then that. The season before she was one of the two finalist for the Bachelor and was not chosen so she came on the next season and got her shot. The whole season she went on about how the Bachelor treated her wrong, crying her eyes out saying that she wasn't going to treat any of the guys like that. She would even talk to the guys she was choosing from about the Bachelor from the season before. Lets just say she was carrying a lot of baggage from the season before. When it got to the final two that she was supposed to choose from she totally went the other then I thought she would have and I told my sister that there was no way those two were actually going to get married.

I was right. Last night a saw a commercial for the new Bachelor this season. He is the one DeAnna didn't choose. He seems like a very nice and sincere person. He is a single dad raising his kid on his own and wants nothing more then to be in love and find a mom for his little boy. I couldn't find the commercial I was looking for but here is one. Look at the third commercial. That shocking return, the DeAnna coming to play with his heart again.

To recap, DeAnna was looking for love but wasn't chosen then complained about it and did the same thing to a single dad. Now when it's his turn to got "looking for love" she walks right back in and starts playing with him again. She is treating him worse then she says she was treated by the previous bachelor.

OK. That is my little soap box. Now I have to head off to class.

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