I hope that everyone got the announcement/invitations I sent out last week about my graduation. Unfortunately we ran out of stamps so I am putting it up here and inviting everyone. However, we all know that graduations can be long and not the most riviting of events so we will be doing a BBQ on Sunday, May 3rd at my parents. We will have the volleyball net up and Paul will be the one cooking for everyone. We will provide hot dogs, hamburgers and possibly chicken, just bring a dish to share. If you would like something else BBQed feel free to bring that as well. We will be starting at 3 p.m. and going all evening, just stop by when you can.

In my major we have done quite a number of projects. For those who were not able to make it up for my Senior Exhibit I will have my project boards down there as well. I will show you the homework I was always working on every time we came down.
The announcement is up here but I don't want to put my parents address on the internet but feel free to e-mail us or call and we can give you the address. Yeates/Fowler families - like I said I ran out of stamps but I would love for you guys to come and celebrate with us. If you know where Paul's cousin lives in Bluffdale, or if you remember where our wedding reception was, my parents are just down the street.

I would love to have you all come!!!!!!



My Surgery

Today was the First day that I have gone without a boot, brace, bandage or something else on my foot in 6 months. When I went into physical therapy the Dr. told me that as long as I am walking on flat ground that I could start walking without my brace to help strengthen my ankle. All day I was so nervous that I was going to take a funny step or step on a perfectly placed pebble and tweek my ankle and undo everything that has been done.

Here is what my ankle looks like know. It is pretty swollen in this picture after a day of walking around on it.



Since Paul and I have been up in Logan we have had a pleasure of meeting some of his distant cousins. They have all been random events like the time a counselor in the Bishopric introduced himself to us. He was introducing himself as Brother Yeates but Paul misunderstood him and thought he was calling Paul Brother Yeates. He had the most astonished look on his face wondering how the member from the Bishopric knew who we were when that was our first Sunday there, I could not help but laugh. I told Paul that Brother Yeates was introducing himself not calling him by name. Another cousin was playing Tiny Tim in the Christmas Carol and after visiting for a bit they found out that they were related. From really random events like this Paul has found a lot of family that he had never known before.

I don't use all the tools of facebook but it is great to get on and she what others are up to, get in touch with old friends and to invite people to events. I noticed the other day that a friend wrote a little note about her grandpa who passed away a year ago, his name is Richard Ellis. Just off the bat that does not seem like it should mean a whole lot to a random High School friend. Well, it does. Paul's first name is Richard and this is a family name that has been passed down for many generation. The longest running elementary school in Utah is in Logan named after the man, Richard Ellis, who started it. Paul's great-great-grandfather's name (I believe it's two greats, I don't have his chart in front of me) is Richard Ellis and is the same guy who name is on this school.

Ellis Elementary School

An aunt of my friend confirmed that her grandpa Richard Ellis goes back to the same Richard Ellis who started the elementary school in Logan.Unfortunately she lives in Oregon so I don't know if I will have the opportunity to meet her but she did say that she would send me family stories. As soon as I get them I will put them up here so that everyone in the family can have them and others can enjoy reading.



It finally happened.....

It has been a long time coming but it finally happened. For 3 and a half years I have always wanted to do this but we haven't had time. With late nights and long projects there just has not been an opportunity for us.


After 3 and a half years together Paul and I are finally.........

True Aggies.

It was the last full moon of the semester, year, and my time here at Utah State, if I have not told you yet - I graduate on May 2nd, so we had to make it.



An Inspiration

Yesterday my Aunt and my cousin and her husband came up to Logan to check out my Senior Exhibit since they won't be able to make it up on Friday for the Reception. It has been awhile since we have seen each other so there was a lot of catching up to do. As we got talking and sharing what has been going on with everyone I found out that the three of them have quit smoking. It has been three years almost four years for them. What a wonderful thing they have accomplished. They all pitched in to help each other and what a success. I just wanted to let them know how excited I am for them. Congratulations you guys.


Senior Exhibit

We got our Senior Exhibit up this weekend, I hope that everyone can make it.

The Chase Fine Arts Center is located on the southeast corner of the USU Campus. When coming into Cache Valley from the North or the South, turn east from Main Street onto 400 North. Continue up the hill until you reach 1200 East. The Chase Fine Arts Center is located on the corner of 400 North and 1200 East.

Here are some maps for parking. I would suggest parking in the lot between building 24 and 74 then use the map for the first floor of the FAC (Fine Arts Center) to get to the Tippets Gallery.
FAC Parking Map
Fine Arts Center First Floor Map

I hope to see all of you there.

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