Paul ~ Outstanding Senior in Design

I know it has been a while so I'm going to do a couple of posts to back track and fill you in on the events from the last few months.

As Paul was finishing up his last semester in the fall he was asked if he would be able to make it back up for an awards ceremony. The Theatre Department wanted to award him as one of their top Seniors. There was one awarded for acting, managing and design. Wahooo!!! Way to go Paul. He has worked so hard at what he loves to do and I couldn't be more excited for him.

The whole evening was quite the event. The University was taking the Arts out of the HASS Department and starting up the Cain College of the Arts and Dr. Craig Jessop will now be the head of the college. Every Department was show cased on stage and they displayed some of the students work in the museum right next to the concert hall.

Here are some photos from that night!!

Paul's Showcase

Theatre Department: Seussical

Interior Design: Fashion Mix. It looks more like it should be costume design but this is a yearly event that the Professor likes to do and has a couple of students help him with it. The dress lit up ~ pretty cool!!

Music Department: This young man is from the Bronx and has a wonderful voice.

Guest: Audra McDonald. You might recognize her from Private Practice.
She would not hold still long enough for a good picture so this is the best I got.

There he is ~ Outstanding Senior in Design.
What a handsome young man.
At this point we still had no idea where we were/if he would end up going to school for his Masters. We also had no idea that we were about to be parents.


Us and Dr. Craig Jessop

He was thinking about taking the whole sign, I opted for a photo of the sign

Ice sculpture. It looked pretty cool but it's hard to show all the detail in the picture



Now that I am feeling a bit better it is time to start creating again. Especially fun little things for our little one coming in October.

This is just a simple project I did. It is a bracelet and earring set made with the birthstones of my husband, the baby in October and me. It was even easier to do because the 'pearl' beads came already assembled in a chain. I got the other two birthstones and attached them in between. Very simple but I love the way it turned out. Kind of like those big chunky cluster bracelets women are wearing these days but without having to be too big and too chunky.



Most of you know by now.....

Paul and I found out on February 5th that we were going to be parents. This has been something we have both wanted for a long time. After a number of years and a long night in the ER/OR on Halloween we decided that we needed to let whatever was going to happen, happen. We turned things over to the Lord and instead of trying to put everything on our time table we decided to put it in the Lords hands. Who knew that this was the right time? We are planning on moving across the country, Paul was applying to Grad schools on the East coast, and I will be looking for a job while having a new born.

This year is going to be a pretty full year!!!

We were able to keep our secret for a while. The thing that gave me away...morning sickness, and I had it bad!!! My first Dr.'s apt was February 17th and I was doing pretty well but shortly after that, it was all down hill. I tried B-6, Unisom, the vitamin B suckers and all sorts of other remedies people had told me about. Nothing was working. Because of the morning sickness and my hesitation to eat knowing what was going to inevitable happen, I lost 10 lbs at the beginning and I have only put 5 of it back on. The nurses said that if it got bad to call them and I could get a Rx for zofran. If anyone is thinking of using these little pills I say go for it. Not that I was 'great' once I started taking them but I could finally eat and make sure my baby was getting the nutrients that is needed. Be warned of the side effects though. You know those papers the pharmacists always stuffs in the bag, these are ones you should actually read so you can know what is coming. The headaches were the worst, but well worth the trade. The past few weeks I have been able to go from 3 pills a day to only 1 in the morning. Yea!!!

I have been waiting to see what kind of cravings I would get but there hasn't been anything. Instead I seam to be very open to suggestion. The night we went to tell Paul's parents I had heard a commercial on the radio for Wingers and that was all I could think about all day, so we had wingers. Another thing that has gone on that is really perplexing is that I am eating chocolate. I DO NOT like chocolate but it seems that every time it is around I will have a bit or two. Not a whole bar or anything, just a bit, but I am definitely eating more chocolate than I ever have before and I still don't think it tastes all that great. Crazy!!! Paul knows that most of the time if he wants something specific for dinner he just has to mention it and I'm hooked.

If any of you are expecting pictures of a '+' on a stick, don't hold your breath, you are just going to have to take my word for it. And no, I didn't take any pictures of the proud dad hold it either, GROSS!!! I think those are things for the parents to share but don't need to be put on display.

Instead here is a picture of me at 15 weeks!!!



Mama's Give Away

So I found this really cool Mama's giveaway and was so excited about it that I checked it everyday but when it finally opened up I get so busy and forgot about it so I am trying to enter in as many ways as I can in ONE night. Oh wow. But check out the stuff offered and the shops, there is some great stuff.

I'm not a mom yet but I am an Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Grand~daughter, friend and Wife. I would love to take these prizes and be able to share them with others. How fun!!!!


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