Uinta Basin in January

This past Sunday I was able to go with my parents out to visit my grandparents in Vernal. I always love going out to see them and never leave hungry. It was just a short trip but since they live so far away I try to go out every chance I get.

On the ride home I thought the scenery was absolutely beautiful, the Uinta Basin is gorgeous. I loved the look of the red rock with the white snow on it and the blue sky. I took the picture on my phone through the window {it was too cold to roll it down}. I hope the picture does it justice.



I Love....Living in Salt Lake

Everyone knows I was excited to move from Logan to come to Salt Lake, it was NO secret at all. Logan doesn't really have that much in they way of jobs {I'm not talking about a college student job, there are tons of those available at $7 an hour}, something I could really get into and enjoy. As well, I don't speak Spanish and so it was hopeless.

I love being down here closer to family and am thankful for my parents help while we look for jobs. In the past week and a half my sister and I have spent more time together than we have the last 4 years. We even had Bailly and Gabe over to make cookies on Friday night and then go door bell ditching. We successfully ditched one plate. Everyone else caught us or weren't home. My grandparents have a huge security light that came on so my Grandma came to the door as we were putting the plate down and we scared her, that was not our intent. We all had so much fun. Even Bentley enjoyed his time out of the house.

Gabe is all bundled up and ready to be stealthy!!!

Having time to spend with my parents has been such a blessing as well. They are my hero's. My dad has always worked hard his whole life to provide for my mom. And my mom ... She graduated from BYU this past August and is now doing her teaching hours and finishing up other classes. She is gone before the sun comes up and is out long after the sun goes down. I am so proud and excited for her. She has always wanted to get her college degree and she is now realizing it.

We have also been able to spend some time with my brothers. They get together and do movie nights and we are finally able to join them. Over Christmas weekend we watched 2 movies on the big screen and realized that it has been a long time since we have caught up on what is out there. I am also excited to get to know their wives, my sisters-in-law. They are both very talented and it will be great to do girls nights with them.



Favorite Movies

Over the passed Holiday Season I had tons of beanie orders which meant I had a lot of time to sit and keep my hands busy. But I can't just sit there in quiet so there were a couple of movies that became my fall backs whenever I needed some noise in the background {this is a practice that I came REALLY familiar with while in school. Anyone in a project major knows what I'm talking about}. It couldn't be a movie I hadn't seen because I would just sit and watch it instead of working on my projects.

The movies that became my crocheting background noise this past Holiday Season were:

The Holiday

Kate & Leopold

Music and Lyrics


Now I need some different movies to have as my background noise. What are those movies you put in when you just want some noise while you work on projects?



Hello Twenty11

Time for goals!!!

Well I dare say number one on the list is GET A JOB!!!

Paul will be applying to grad schools on the East coast so we could be moving again in a few months. So again this year we will want to stay organized and ready to pack up and go.
{We have set up a deal that if I get a job first we will be staying here or if Paul is accepted to a Grad school first then we will be moving. We'll see which way things work out soon enough}

Daily Scripture study.

Finish my Personal Progress.

We need to work on our date nights too. To spend time with each other in purpose, not just because we happen to be home at the same time.

I'll make this an on going list so I can add to it as I think of things/goals to work on this year.


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