Our Summer Adventures

The weekend of May 31st my niece came up to Logan. There are two cute girls in my ward and the three of them became fast friends, the girls were together the whole weekend. The first thing we did was go to the Young Women's fundraiser for girls camp.
She loves her Uncle Paul, he's not afraid to goof off with her and make sure that she is having the best time possible.

We went swimming in the afternoon, had a birthday party for Bizzy and then set up the tent that their family got for Christmas. After that they wanted to have Bailly sleep over so they could test out the new tent in the yard. Bailly had a great time but it was hard for me to sleep, in part to a bad sun burn and having my niece sleep over some where else.

Our Summer Adventures

First is the Human Rubber Band. If you have not ever tried this you should, it is a great time.

This is three of my brothers and Paul and they have all done it before, except for Paul. Maybe a bit of an unfair advantage.

This is me, my sister and our two sisters-in-law. Staci hasn't ever done this either, you can tell because she is the one screaming the whole time.

This thing in fun for hours.

Our Summer Internships

I finally decided to do a blog. I have family and friends all over and thought this would be a great way to let you all know what is going on with me and Paul.

Paul has an internship up in Logan at a little theatre. He is on the crew to build the sets and run the shows. With all of his close friends from school up there he is having a great time.

I am working at HKS Architects in Salt Lake in the interiors department. Most of my time has been spent working on a hospital where I have designed a lot of floor patterns and helped to choose finishes, then make up the construction documents for them. The next project will be a renovation of an LDS Temple. This will be especially challenging because it is all white, but surprisingly there are MANY shades of white to chose from.

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