Photo Heaven

I am in Photo Heaven right now. In two and a half weeks we will be having a birthday party for my Grandpa and his wife of 17 years. They are both turning 80 this June. My mom and my Aunt have really been getting into it and getting all the details done. I think it will be great. The part I am doing is making a video for both of them of their First 80 Years. When I started out I knew this was going to be quite the task.

For my Grandma (she isn't my biological Grandma but she is the sweetest lady you will every meet, so I love to call her Grandma), well I have only met her family a couple of times. I am working with her son up in Alaska to get family pictures. This is going slow because he is my only contact and I don't know any of her family in SLC to get a hold of to ask for photos. This is still a work in progress. I know, I need to work faster.

For my Grandpa, he is a fantastic story teller and when he gets going the whole family knows not to interrupt him. I mean he remembers the best details, kid from elementary school, he still can recall first and lasts names. I think it's also because he's stories are so different than ours, they didn't have computers, the Internet even electricity was new. He told us that when he was growing up and the house was newly wired, everyone would go stand outside on the lawn and one brave soul would go turn on the lights. What a different time. Back to the pictures. Since it's my own family and I have a bit more contacts I have been going everywhere to get photos. There are some great ones, ones I've never seen and that no one else knew were around except the one person who had them. I want to share some with my family that I have collected so far.

That little baby in the middle, that's my grandpa!

I know that my grandpa is on the back row, second to last.
My Aunt Judee is the little girl in front with her back turned to the camera.

Uncle Ken and His dad
{My Great Grandpa}


Cinnamon Cake

This is the recipe for a Cinnamon Cake from my Mary Kay Director. It was so easy to make and it tastes delicious. Go ahead and copy the card to print it off. It takes just minutes to mix it up and even to bake. Once you try it let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!!!

If you like the design of this card here is where you can buy them.



Bentley is 1!!

I can not believe that Bentley is a year old. On May 14th he turned one and for his birthday we decided to take him to PetSmart. I always feel bad when I take him out to use the restroom and have the leash on his collar and it pulls around his neck. For my birthday present I wanted to get him a harness. It makes him look so grown up, my parents said the same thing too. Paul got him a new bone and some wet dog food. Then, just for because, we got him a toothbrush. We haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it will be an adventure.

Here is a picture of Bentley and his spoils from a great birthday!!!



More Coupons

I am still learning to do coupon shopping and here is my purchase from Walgreen's this week. I was able to get these items for $14.01. There is still plenty to learn and figure out but I think I did pretty good this week.



Coupon Shopping

I have a friend who has been coupon shopping and finding fantastic deals. for some time now. Seeing all the great deals she has found I have decided to try my hand at it as well. Holy smokes, if you take the time to look you can find some great deals out there.

This is my first venture. ShopKo had a deal going that if you spent at least $25 on P&G items you can get a $10 prepaid MC in the mail.

Here is what I found at Wal-mart. All this rang up to $75.25 but I only spent $40.93 on it and got four (4) free movie tickets from it. Tampax is running a special on some of their boxes ~ a free movie ticket in each one. In the Sunday paper there were coupons for $1-$2 off each box so instead of paying $6.97 you could pay $4.97-$5.97 each. I even checked the special before I went and made the purchase, there are three movie theaters up here that will accept the tickets so we won't have to go to a big city to use them. I'm stocked up for some time now and I got two date nights out of it. Sweet!!! I can't tell you the last time we have gone to see a movie in a theater. All last night we talked about what movies we wanted to use the tickets on.

Get your deal here:
  1. Check to see what theaters are participating for your area.
  2. Clip coupons and head to the store. Find the one packaged with the extra pink ticket in the corner. I only found them at Wal-mart.
  3. Enter your movie ticket codes here.
  4. Print your tickets!
  5. NOTE: the code on the ticket will expire October 31, 2010. The ticket will expire 30 days from the date issued online.


Garden ~ Balcony

We are doing another balcony garden this year. One of the value projects for Faith is to plant, care for, and harvest a vegetable garden.

This is what it looks like after two weeks. I think we are going to need to move the peas to a bigger planter soon. With the plants right next to window they are all leaning towards the window. Paul is pretty excited about all the tomato's and onion he should be getting.


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