Chasing the Train

About a week and a half ago I picked Paul up from the Trax Station and we were going to babysit my sisters kids while her and V went to see an early screening of the latest and last Harry Potter movie. It was going to be tight cause I had to pick up Paul about the same time that Staci and V needed to drop the kids off to get to their movie on time. So my parents were going to watch them for just a bit until we got back.

I picked up Paul and as he got into the car I thought he looked a little light but obviously didn't think too much of it and we just drove home. It wasn't until we were actually in the driveway that Paul realized he forgot his tools and lunch box on the train. We happened to have a Trax schedule so I ran through the house like a tornado to get it so we could see where to meet the train. As I ran through the kitchen I yelled {not mean just load enough so all the kids could here me} 'Put your drinks down, get your stuff. We have to go chase the train, Uncle Paul left his tools on it.' Well our five year old nephew didn't see the importance of this and decided he needed to finish his milk. Our niece and V's son were at least in the garage but in no hurry to put one foot in front of the other. Poor Paul was just in shock over leaving his tools and worried about how much it was going to cost us to replace them all. I finally got all four of them in the car and we were off.

I had Paul co-pilot {I'm a little bit more of an aggressive driver} and keep track of the time and which stop the train was closest too on the schedule. As we got going I realized that we were going to have to go all the way to the North end of the line {we live past the South end of the line}. Paul called the train security and they said that the main offices were closed and so if someone turned it in he was going to have to wait until the next morning and call the lost and found. That made his heart sink a little more. All of downtown is a no fare zone and there are so many transients that ride the train to get out of the heat, we knew we were never going to see those tools again. As we were getting close I told our niece {she's nine, almost ten}, that I was going to give her the keys and my phone. She needed to lock the car after Uncle Paul and I got out and only unlock it when we were coming back. I never mentioned to the kids that while we were searching the train it might take off with us and that we would just hop off and catch the next one back.

Paul got out before I had even parked. Once we finally got to the hub station , I gave Bay the keys and my cell phone and reminded her NOT to open the door for ANYONE. But wait it gets better there are two trains there...ahhhh....which one do we search?? I went to the one that I thought came from the South station where I had picked up Paul from. What a sight that must have been as pregnant little me went running after a train. I decided to go right up to the conductor and ask her if anyone had turned in a bag of tools. Paul found me and said he checked both trains but the one we were on, he was sure wasn't the train he left his tools on. Then the second train pulled away.

The conductor got on her radio and asked if anyone had seen a bag or had one turned into them. I told Paul I bet this was the train and that he should go check the center of all the cars again where he was sitting earlier. A few more burst over the radio and she tells me 'Someone turned in a bag to my boss we'll see if that's it.' A few seconds later Paul came up with his lunch box and thing of tools. Wahoo!!! Don't mean to brag but I knew we were on the right train.

The whole time I was able to keep a distant eye on my car full of kids and a mini schnauzer. As we got to the car Bay unlocked it for us and it was then, as I was getting in, that I realized what I had done. Bay told me that V's son started crying cause he thought we were on the train that pulled away and even when she pointed out to him that they could see us on the train that was still there, it wasn't enough to keep his heart from racing. Are you kidding me, I left three unattended kids in a car in downtown. I will make a great mom!!! Oh I felt just terrible.

We went over the apartment afterwords and waited for their mom's to get home. I told them what happened and apologized like crazy. Staci just laughed as I was telling them about the kids being in no rush to get out of the house and the panic that ensued when they thought we were on the train that left. All she said was 'That sounds about right.'



Time Is Flying So Quickly

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. In just a month, exactly we will be leaving for our new place, all the way over on the east coast. Yep, we got the place we wanted and I'm so excited to get there. There were about a handful of couples that applied for the the place but we got it. Then when we were reading over the contract I had so many questions and the Landlord was very helpful with taking his time to answer all of my questions. I was afraid he would just give up on use and move onto the next people on his list, but he didn't. He said that everyone we called had great things to say about us and went on and on. Not that I think the two of us aren't pretty swell people but then we were racking our brains to remember who we put as referrals and what they could have said. But, it's good to know we've left a good impression with people.

Last week I went in to do the glucose test at my Dr.'s visit. The next day a nurse from the office, luckily not one that I know, told me I failed my test. I can not even tell you how many times she told me 'you failed your test.' Really?? So you are giving me less than great news, could you at least say 'the test came back positive,' that way it doesn't sound so horrible. Well I scheduled my 3 hour glucose test for Monday morning because Paul had a Dr.'s apt in the morning too so they would over lap. When we got to the hospital everyone was telling me that the Dr.'s office never sent down the order so I had to wait until they could, they weren't going to be open for another hour and a half. Aaahhhhh!!!! Well the supervisor for the testing lab said to go ahead and get started so I only started a half hour late. Yesterday I got the news that I passed!!!! Yea!!! I don't exactly know all of what is involved in taking care of gestational diabetes but I really didn't want to have to worry about as we drove all the way across the country.

In a month we are also going to be celebrating our 5th anniversary. Can you believe it five years? It most certainly dose not seem like it has been five years. I couldn't imagine putting them off for school, work or other silly reasons. He has been my best friend and someone I can talk to about anything and everything, no matter what time in the middle of the night I start thinking about things.

In the world of baby news, we have 3 months left as of last Saturday. In 4 1/2 weeks we will be leaving, in 5 1/2 we will be in our new place, Paul starts the Grad program for lighting a week later and 6 weeks after that is my due date. Needless to say our lives are going to change A LOT in the next short little bit. My family has been great examples to me as I have watched them raise their kids, hopefully I can take that and share it with our little angel.



Happy 4th of July!!

The 4th of July has always been a great family holiday growing up. We celebrate our country's independence, my dads birthday and my brothers birthday. We now have a niece to add to the celebration. Paul and I weren't able to make it to last years party but we heard that it was a blast. This year the family went a step further and rented Sumo Suits. Paul was so excited then found out on Sunday afternoon that he was going to have to work the whole day of the 4th {I mean the whole day, 15 hours}. He did get a little break in the middle so he was able to come visit for about 45 minutes. Just long enough to get in the sumo suit and visit with the family!!!

The chase...

The hit...

One of our cutest nieces ever!!!
Her mom made her fun 4th of July dress.

Other activities included Volleyball

...and the slip n' slide in the sumo suit!!

The weather was nice and overcast all day, it was perfect for a huge party in the back yard. We even heard that some who were there turned down their own families to come and spend the day. I love my family and that they can make anyone and everyone feel so welcome!! There were extended family and friends from everyone there, I really couldn't believe how many people showed up. It was so much fun and a great Holiday party to be our last before we leave.


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