Family Birthday Party

The last Sunday of every month my grandma holds a monthly birthday party. We are not able to make it every month so when we are in town on those Sundays we always try to make it. For the month of September it was my grandma and a son of one of my cousins. It is always a great time to catch up with the family. It wasn't warm enough to pull out the slip-n-slid but my grandpa made sure that the bikes were all working. My niece and nephew do not have bikes of their own and so they haven't mastered the skill of riding a bike without training wheels. I got on the little bike and showed my niece how easy it was. Since I was on the bike I was not able to get a picture to share with everyone.

Uncle Ryan tried to teach my nephew how to ride the bike and my mom tried to help my niece.

This is the little pink bike I was riding

Bike lessons


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