Our First Balcony Garden

Since both of us stayed up in Logan this summer - no internships or anything like that - we decided to do a little garden. We have a balcony that we have hardly ever used because half of the year it's too cold out side and covered in snow or there is the constant threat of being hit by a way-word golf ball. Some neighbors of my parents gave us a couple of starter plants so we went out and got what we needed to plant them on the balcony. Now because we were not sure of what type everything was we could not know exactly what we needed. But honestly, I was not expecting to grow tomato plants that were as tall as I am. That one is huge.

Last weekend we pulled the first couple of tomatoes. It has been so much fun to watch and take care of the plants, and since it's a surprise about what we are going to actually get - that has made it even more fun.

Since I'm not going to help Paul eat any of the tomatoes or other vegetables that we are growing we got me a plant as well. The one with the purple flowers is one I got for a bridal shower and it is still going strong - that was three years ago. The one in the yellow pot has red flowers with a yellow center.



Create Something Every Day

I made these frames a while ago but never got around to posting about them. The idea came from a sister-in-law who has done similar things for gifts and to frames in her house. They were fun to make and a bit different from the other things I've done so far.








Everyone knows I love to enter drawings. A friend of a friend is doing a book give away on her blog and if I mention it on my blog, then I get to be entered twice. The two books are and Gone With the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird. I love the movie Gone With the Wind so I'm sure the book will be even better, as they always are. In Jr. High we read To Kill a Mockingbird and had to do a project about it. I do not remember what the other options were but a friend and I decided to take the option where we had to map out the town, how what we thought it looked from reading the book. It was a lot of work, needless to say we were the only ones who chose that option, but everyone, including the teacher, thought it was pretty neat.

Happy Reading.



More Birthdays - More Babys

We just could not help ourselves for the Fourth of July weekend, we ended up going down to visit with our families, celebrate the holiday and hopefully welcome another addition to the family.

This weekend started early. On Wednesday I took the light rail into SLC and had my sister pick me up. I was going over to spend some time with my brother-in-laws wife and their new baby. My nephew and my sister came in with me when they first dropped me off to see the new baby. When my nephew found out that there were little kittens there as well he spent the rest of his time trying to chase them down. That night, after my brother-in-law got home, we all went over to Grandma Yeates' for dinner. It was so much fun to be able to hang out with the new mom and baby. That night she only woke up once at about 4:30 then did not get back up until 9:00. Being that the baby was not even two weeks old she was still sleeping all the time but I noticed that for the time she was awake she was trying to look at everything around her and take it all in.

I forgot my phone that night so when we got back to their apt I noticed I missed a call from my mom. The next morning I called her back and she said that her, my dad, my sister and her two kids were all going to Vernal to visit with my grandparents. We have been trying to go and visit them for some time now but usually someone has been sick or the schedules just did not match up. Since the new baby was still just sleeping and eating there was not much I could do to help out so I had my dad come and get me. My grandpa and grandmas birthdays are in June so it was good to see them and visit. We also went to the dinosaur museum out there too. My niece and nephew loved it. All of the huge dinosaurs and the activities kept them really entertained.

The Fourth of July is such a wonderful Holiday to spend with family. It is also my dads birthday and my brothers birthday on the third. Every year we spend it together having a BBQ and playing games.


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