Released ~ What's Next?

Yesterday, right before church, I was called in and released from my calling as a YW advisor and Camp Director. It was a short lived calling but one I loved to do. While I was in there, being released, I was told that there is another calling in my future but a number of people are inquiring about me and so it hasn't been decided exactly what calling will be extended to me. It's nice to know that I'm loved and wanted, so that helped. The only thing is that Christmas is hard for me, seeing a box under the tree and not knowing what is in it, that drives me crazy. Now I have to wait to see what me new calling will be. I had so much fun working with the YW and sharing my stories with them. It was great to watch the girls take charge and work on their Personal Progress and apply the things they have learned in their lives. Thank you girls for being such a great example to me. You are all wonderful and I'm so excited for what you have to look forward to.

I know the leaders care so much about you and are there for whatever you need. They have a lot of experience behind them and have so much they can share with you.

I wish all of you girls the best in all you do.



H.O.P.E. Festival this October

It is that time of the year again where I am going to be able to participate in the H.O.P.E. Festival at USU. This year it will be held on October 27th from 10 am - 7 pm. Last year I did pretty well selling my beanies and hand made soaps. The website hasn't been updated but click here to check out how it went last year. From all sales on the 27th {from the festival and from my etsy shops} 25% will be donated to CAPSA (Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency).

My question to all of you is what would you like to see at the festival? What kind of crochet items would you be interested in seeing?

Here are some of the colors to choose from!

What about soaps. Which ones would you like to see more of? I even mix some together for a number of scents. Is there something you would like to have mixed together and try?

Here is a list of my soap scents.
Almond (Cybilla)
Apple Jack Peel
Apricot Freesia
Arabian Spice
Basmati Rice
Berry Wine
Buttercream & Snickerdoodle
Celestial Waters
Chai Tea Cybilla
Christmas Spice
Cinnamon Sugar
Cranberry Realistic
Dark Rich Chocolate
Dragon’s Blood
Earth Musk
Fresh Mango
Ginger Pear
Island Coconut
Mayan Gold
Moonlight Pomegranate
Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey
Pumpking Spice
Red Apple
Sandalwood Vanilla
Sleigh Ride
Turkish Mocha


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