The First 80 Years

I have some catching up to do.

On the 12th of June we had a birthday party for my Grandpa and Grandma Nuesmeyer. They have been married 17 years and are both celebrating their 80th birthdays this month.

My mom had decided to have a party and invite both sides of the family. Her and my aunt went to town. Delegating assignments and making sure as many people knew about it as could come. I was in charge of the video montage for them. Since I had only meat my Grandmas side of the family once or twice it was going to be hard to get pictures of her kids, grand kids and great-grand kids. I e-mailed as much as I could and was able to get a few.

After scanning a bunch of pictures for both of them I put it all to music. I can not tell you how many times I watched it, making sure the timing worked out, that all the pictures looked good... When I finally put it up on the big screen it looked so different from what I had been watching on my computer monitor ~ I loved it. After words there were a number of people who came up to me and told me they really liked it, they wondered where I got all those photos, and if they could have a copy. Of course!! What would be the point in doing all that work if I wasn't going to share? Whenever I make these videos I love to give CD's with all the pictures on them so that the rest of the family can enjoy the pictures as much as I have. This way they can print them off, look through them and have a copy for themselves.

I was so happy that everyone enjoyed the video. If I ever get a YouTube account I'll put them up so you can see them.

I had a short history from both of them.
So many fun facts.

The Birthday Couple!!

The Nuesmeyer side of the family.

Paul about to land on his pocket of keys while playing Volleyball.

And...Because we don't like to waist anything...
the after party with the balloons.



They lied to Me!!!

This is what the package looked like.

This is what I pulled out of the box.

I guess I am just not that familiar with frozen dinners ~ which really isn't a bad thing. When I saw the picture on the front it looked so good. Yum ~ I love the red spicy sauce. But when I took the tray out it looked a bit less than appetizing. Now the cheese and the red sauce are going to be all mixed together in some kind of gross goop!!



Last Chance Products!!!

Mary Kay is introducing some fantastic new colors and products.

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I Love....Cold Cereal

I wish it would warm up out there. I love my cold cereal but it's hard to eat when it's so cold in the morning but I am willing to suffer through it. Lately, so I don't miss out on my bowl, I will have one later in the afternoon.

Another breakfast favorite is my moms breakfast casserole. It's favorite, but not as much. So if I don't have breakfast casserole it's like 'that's ok 'cause cold cereal is a favorite too.'



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Brotherly Love

Last night we spent most of the evening at my in-laws playing games...It was a great way to spend a Sunday evening. In the course of all the game playing my SIL told Paul that she had a wart and a friend told her that the way to get rid of them is to heat up the tip of a fork and burn it into the wart. We all had our own reasons for wanting to see this.
  • I wasn't going to be the one in pain so I was all for it.
  • Paul would be doing the stabbing and I think he might have been a little too excited for the opportunity.
  • Paul's sister is hoping it will work and she won't have to go into the Dr.'s.
The first run was pretty unsuccessful. The fork didn't get hot enough. But the second time...the fork was hot enough. There was cringing and screaming, I almost thought there was going to be some swearing! Don't worry, I caught it on film for everyone to see. Results to follow....



Bentley's Favorite Movies

The other day we decided to watch a movie, one of the many Disney that we have, I believe it was 101 Dalmatians! It was so funny to watch Bentley hang out on the edge of the bed and watch the movie. He was so interested in the movie.

While at school I got into the habit of having music on or a movie going in the background. With all the time I have been spending working on the DVD for my Grandparents, on Thursday, I decided to load up the DVD player and keep working. I put in a movie for Bentley, Lady and the Tramp. He loved it. Bentley loves movies with any kind of animals in them but it seems that he enjoys movies with dogs the most. He was so content to sit and watch the movie. During the more intense scenes Bentley would get up on his hinds legs and bark at the TV.



More Photos

Over the weekend I spent some time scanning more photos for the video's for my Grandparent's 80th birthdays in June. I went down to stay at my parents last Wednesday evening, taking along with me my computer, scanner/printer {it's small so I wasn't worried about taking it} and my external hard drive so I would be able to spend the whole next day scanning.

As I went to set up for my operation I found that Paul and I had forgotten to pack my computer power cord. My laptop won't last more than just a few minutes any more without the power cord plugged in. I was pretty upset about it and instead just sat down and looked through the photos finding ones to include in my pile to scan once I get around to it. If I was back at home I would of had tons of people I could call and ask to borrow a cord but down there, I was at a loss. I decided to call around to people in my parents ward. After I called a number of people someone suggested the family that lives right across the street. She had one so I spent the night scanning, and I didn't finish for some time.

Here are some other great photos that I came across......

Back in the day there wasn't an MTC in Provo,
it was a Mission Home in SLC!

I'm sure my mom will love me for this.

Look at that blonde hair.

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