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Well, after seeing the Dark Knight for the second time last night I am pretty convinced that it one of the best, if not the best, movies I have seen in probably the past 5 years I have been home from my mission. Ledgers portrayal of the Joker ranks up at the top of the list of the most incredible "bad guys" of all time. The cinematography was fantastic. Now I normally don't go see movies in the theaters, especially not 2 times, but this one by far has to be seen on the big screen. Don't miss out.
Well here in the fantastic world of the Old Lyric Theatre Company we are winding down to the final weeks of the season, thank heavens. Although it has been long tiresome hours and a lot of work, I have had a lot of fun. On Sunday we had our company picnic over at willow park. I realized that for as many backgrounds as we all have there are some pretty awesome people here. We had a lot of fun playing on the rubber band, football, some played croquet and the other weird game with the balls (botchi ball maybe?), but overall we're like a family. Most of us will see each other again when school starts, but many will go back to various places such as Idaho, New York, and Kentucky, but they will always be good friends. The apprentices this year are pretty awesome. That's why I saw The Dark Knight twice, they paid for me to go. I've got a good couple of years on them but they are still some of my really good friends.
After Yellowstone I will be working as a scenic painter for the show Music Man that will be in the Egyptian Theatre in Park City. I was also a painter for the Cabaret set they did last winter. Recently in a move to get some additions built onto the shop, theatre and other various places around the fine arts center on campus we have started taking on a lot of outside jobs, to prove we can handle the work and therefore receive upgrades. The Egyptian Theatrre is just the beginning of these new friendships we have made, and I expect that I will be involved with quite a few more productions for them as well as many others.
I'm excited for school. It will be a semester that will keep me going that's for sure but it will be loads of fun. I have a lighting design for the show Lysistrata next semester. Let's just say it is a show that one professor claims "fits the time." More to come on that. I'm really excited for the shows next year, they will be pretty good. Assassins and the Christmas Carol top the list and I think that if we pull them off good we should be able to see numbers of visiting patrons skyrocket. Well I've rambled on now for quite some time, so ate mais.


Batman: The Dark Night

Last night we went to see the new Batman movie, it's the fist movie we have gone to see in a theatre in a very long time, we both like the comfort of watching a movie from our living room. We went with the group of apprentices from the theatre where Paul is doing his internship. While the previews were going one there was a certain one that sent the girls in the audience into an uproar. It was for Twilight. The girl sitting next to me told me that I had to read the books before the movie came out. Paul told me that he liked that I wasn't someone who would do this or that just because it is the fad of the time. I might read them, I also might get around to seeing the Titanic.

The movie was a good one, it kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time. Heath Ledger did a great job, very convincing. It was darker than the first and it seemed like when you thought it was over it kept going. Like others said there where parts that you saw coming and then there were others that caught you totally by surprise. Even if you aren't a big movie goer this is one worth seeing on the big screen. It was a nice treat for Paul and I to go to a movie together. Since we don't get to see each other too often this summer we love the time we do get to spend together.


Gabe's Bassetball

Our nephew turned two this June and he is such an active boy. His Grandpa and Grandma got him a number of toys but the only thing he was interested in was the ball. He calls every ball; even those things that are just round and don't bounce a bassetball. So we all went outside and played with him and his new toys.

Paul's Birthday Quilt

I made a quilt top for Paul when we were dating, I actually made two in one day but then when it came to finishing them I took my time. With the time I had this summer and my parents basement family room that was wide open, I finally set up the quilt to finish it. I tried quilting it a different way then just tying it like normal, I quilt stitched it by hand and think that it tuned out pretty well. I was able to get it done for his birthday but the best part of the whole thing is that he loves it.

Paul's tid bits of info

Well guys here it is. Now we can keep up with each other better. As Mindy said I am working for The Old Lyric Repertory Company. It's hard work, and super long hours but it wouldn't be theatre if that did not exist. I love the fact that I am working for a professional theatre, getting some experience and contacts on my resume. For those who don't know I am study Lighting Design and Broadcast Journalism, double majoring is hard, but it will be well worth it in the end.
I love living in Logan, there's something about living "in the mountains," as Bailly would say, that is so relaxing. Even though Logan is growing rapidly it is still so peaceful and calm, and cold. But I love every minute of it. I am so happy that I decided to come to school, it really is a huge step and the experiences outweigh everything else. It's hard work but worth it, and I wouldn't want it any other way. We are looking forward to going to Yellowstone for our anniversary and we'll be sure to keep you posted on that.


Wasted Time

Paul and I just set up this post and I found a way to change a lot of the settings in it and customize just about everything, I'm sure there is a lot more I could figure out about stuff to change. I was going to add some more pictures and things about what we've been doing with our summer but instead I spent the little bit of time I had tonight playing around with the different embellishments.


A walk next to the river

There is this fun trail next to a river up in Logan and I love being able to take walks down it when ever I can. They have installed a scaled map of the solar system, it's pretty neat. Here are a couple of pictures, to see more go to my facebook.

Working in Salt Lake

I have always loved downtown Salt Lake, I love the atmosphere, how close everything is, all the different activities, but being able to work down there everyday this summer has been so great. This is a picture I took one day just walking around after work in the sunset.


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