A Simple Thank You

Today I wanted to say thanks to family and friends.

We always loved getting together with the families when we were living closer. Sunday dinners at my parents house were the best, all my brothers, their wives, nieces and nephews sitting around the table laughing at funny stories from family vacations or stunts pulled by one, or a number of us, while we were growing up. Sometimes it surprises me that we all made it through our childhood, and with such great relationships now. Of course these are all things we can laugh about now but maybe weren't so funny when they happened. We would get together with Pauls' family and play games for hours. I have really missed getting together with all the family, watching as my nieces and nephews grow up or having my sister so close that I could stop by anytime.

One of my biggest worries about living so far away, wasn't even for me, but for Abigail and others children who would join our family. I was worried that because we wouldn't be able to go to every family gathering, birthday party or holiday event that family members would forget her. Of course we keep up with family over many different types of social media but what about her birthday, Christmas and other family memories?

We came home the other day after some quick errands and found a box at our front door. It was a Christmas gift from a Great Aunt! This is the same Aunt that sent her a birthday gift that she still takes around everywhere with her, it's a little doggie purse. When it was her birthday, Abigail got a number of cards in the mail with sweet notes from family. My favorite part was watching her. Once she noticed the brightly colored envelop she would gasp with excitement, tare it open then run over to me so I could read it to her and we could look at all the fun images on the cards. It was a week long of birthday excitement, waiting to see if and who she would get something from. Her grandma will usually send a card for all the holidays, letting her know that Grandma is thinking of her and is so excited to see her again. Right now Abigail is too little to get all sentimental about it and I'm sure it means more to me right now than her, but we love that others take the time and make sure she knows she is loved.

So, I wanted to say THANK YOU to all those who have and will continue to remember her when the families get together, as she reaches different milestones and as holidays come and go! 


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