It has been a long time

Well it has been a LONG time and a lot has happened since the last time we were here.

Baby sister joined the family last year.

Paul graduated from UConn.

We spent the summer in Utah while he worked with Utah Shakespeare Company and worked to find a teaching job.

A week and a half before the fall semester started Paul got a job teaching at a University in KY.

We packed up everything in the car, left 3 days later and were on the road again.

The Bishop and his family out here hosted us for a week and a half while I searched for someplace to live while trying to get our lives settled even though we didn't have a mailing address.

After looking at too many apartments and houses I was about to break. Suddenly an e-mail was passed around amongst the faculty about a house in town. Finally!!!

It is a cute little farm house and the longer we are here the more I like it. Even though it is small, the house works great for our little family. I love having a laundry/mud room and there is so much storage. We also have a garage, this is such a wonderful blessing with girls that we need to get buckled in and out of the car, there's also some extra storage in there for seasonal totes and camping items.

The house is old so there are obviously things that are old and much past repair. There is nothing flat or square or flush or even in the house. In the living room there is a huge bulge in the hardwood floor. The heat/AC was placed years after the house was built, I would even say decades, and since the house is so old it couldn't fit between the levels so the upstairs is hot during the summer and freezing during the winter. But the floors on the first floor are freezing as well during the colder months. The house is up on a platform and I swear there is no insulation underneath so slippers area a must.


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